Oh Grande Spirito...dammi la serenità di accettare le cose che non posso cambiare...il coraggio di cambiare le cose che posso cambiare... la saggezza di comprenderne la differenza!!
Geronimo Scalper: Settimo titolo..Apuo

16 marzo 2009

Settimo titolo..Apuo

Settimo titolo:CHINA INFORMATION SECURITY TECHNOLOGY (CPBY)Web Site: http://www.cistchina.com/ China Information Security Technology, Inc., through its subsidiary, focuses on the development and implementation of public security and Geographic Information System (GIS) related projects. It provides a portfolio of integrated solutions and services, including public security information technology (First Responder Coordination Platform, Intelligent Border Control, and Intelligent Security Surveillance), Geographic Information System (Police-use GIS and Civil-use GIS), and e-Government Platform services, as well as software sales and maintenance. The company, through its contractual arrangement with iASPEC Software Company Limited, has the licenses to 16 registered and copyrighted software applications in the People’s Republic of China. China Information Security Technology, Inc. is based in Shenzhen, the Peoples Republic of China.

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