Oh Grande Spirito...dammi la serenità di accettare le cose che non posso cambiare...il coraggio di cambiare le cose che posso cambiare... la saggezza di comprenderne la differenza!!
Geronimo Scalper: Apuo sui titoli USA

17 settembre 2009

Apuo sui titoli USA

Tre nuovi titolini, due OTC...Certamente azioni pericolisissime in un mercato ipercomprato... Da non acquistare subito, da seguire, pronti come avvoltoi...China Energy Recovery (OTC/BB:CGYV) CER is an international leader in designing, manufacturing and installing waste heat energy recovery systems which provide facilities with greater energy efficiency. The Company's primary focus is on the Chinese market. CER's technology captures industrial waste energy to produce low-cost electrical power, enabling industrial manufacturers to reduce their energy costs, shrink their emissions footprint, and generate sellable emissions credits. CER has deployed its systems throughout China and in such international markets as Egypt, Korea, Vietnam and Malaysia...Zero debiti, un PBV un pò altino (7,5), volatilità alle stelle, ultimo quarter spettacolare... Settore interessante e oggetto di attenzione da parte dei Governi di mezzo mondo... Seguire....NF Energy Saving Corp. (OTC/BB:NFEC) is a China-based provider of integrated energy conservation solutions utilizing energy-saving equipment, technical services and energy management re-engineering project operations to provide energy saving services to clients. Headquartered in Shenyang city of China, the Company currently has 220 employees and several proprietary energy saving technologies and patents...Ha effettuato ad agosto un reverse split di 3/1 per quotazione a mercato superiore. Quarter spettacolare, ma fondamentali altissimi. Da mettere in watch list, assolutamente...HQ Sustainable Maritime INDS (AMEX:HQS)HQ Sustainable Maritime Industries, Inc., together with its subsidiaries, operates as an integrated aquatic product producing, processing, and farming company in the Peoples Republic of China. Its principal products include cross-bred hybrid of tilapia and white-legged shrimp that are exported to the United States, Canada, Japan, and European countries... The company also engages in the production and sale of marine bio-products and healthcare products comprising shark cartilage capsule, shark liver oil, and shark liver... HQ Sustainable Maritime also produces nutraceuticals generated from palm oil and other natural or organic matters for tilapia and shrimp. The company was founded in 1989 and is headquartered in Seattle, Washington....Buoni fondamentali, zero debiti, GYP Ratio a 3,49... Oro... Da seguire.

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